Tantric Breathwork & meditation

Daily FREE 30 minutes breathing meditation to activate your life force energy. At our Shala in Lagos and also available online via Zoom (link below).

Our Tantric Breathwork & meditation sessions happen every day and they are live! You can join us at our yoga shala in Lagos (Portugal) or ONLINE from everywhere in the world!


MON – FRI 8:30-9:00 (UK/PT time zone)

SAT 9:00-9:30

SUN: 10:00-11:00

From Monday to Saturday we focus on breathing exercises (pranayama) that brings us to the meditative state of calm and inner peace. On Sunday, we move the energy working with Chakras Activation practice.

These practices are available for everyone, also with no previous experience. However, strong Yogic breathing is not recommended if you suffer from:

  • Serious heart problems
  • Epileptic attacks
  • Serious HBP
  • Recent surgery on the torso
  • Recent brain surgery
  • Suffering from psychosis or recent trauma
  • When pregnant for longer than 3 months

If you have any serious health condition, you should always consult medical professional before joining the session. Strong breathing techniques should be done at least 1.5h after one’s last meal. It is best to have a 2-3h gap after the last meal.

First, I will ask you to send me a short message on WhatsApp so that I can add you to our group. This group is our communication channel where we discuss internet issues, cancelling the meeting, sending reminders, etc. Just click the button below:


Meetings are for free, your participation is sufficient. But if you wish to pay donation use PayPal account with email address: THIS.IS.AGNI.WAY@GMAIL.COM

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