Daily Yoga classes in Lagos following Eight Limbs Yoga philosophy. Ashtanga and Vinyasa style. Small groups.  Focus on conscious energetic and tantric work.

In July, first yoga class is by donation.

Tantric Breathwork
drop-in: 5-10 EUR
Monthly access: 60 EUR

Chakras Activation
drop-in: 10-15 EUR

Tantric Embodiment
drop-in: 20-25 EUR

Ashtanga Yoga

drop-in: 15 EUR / session,

4-9 classes: 10 EUR / session,
10 classes and more: 8 EUR / session.

Please arrive at 9:15 latest for Mysore class.

Yoga mats and props are provided FOR FREE.

Tantric Breathwork. With this practice we ground ourselves in the presence through the body. Rediscovering our sacred belonging to the earth. Opening ourselves to the flow of life and potentiality that this connection is organically bringing. With this foundation we activate the most powerful energy of all: Your sexuality. Your primal life force. Loosing and opening the vortex in our pelvis, through breathwork in combination with sound and movement we integrate our sexual power with the tenderness of the heart. Allowing all the creation being born from that union in the moment to be compassionate and potent at the same time. You are guided into the pure experience through the body. This practice is perfect if you wish to create a new pathways for your sexual energy to spread through the body elevating the potentiality for expanded orgasmic states.

Chakras Activation. This weekly practice is a powerful activation of all seven chakras of our energy system. You will be guided how to connect with each chakra and amplify the connection by voicing sacred sounds. Activation starts with root chakra and moves the energy up to the crown. At the end, all awakening will be guided down back to the roots of your being. This practice is perfect if you wish to purify and activate you energy body on all levels. 

Tantric Embodiment. Tantric Embodiment is a path to express your authentic Self through the body. We use modern somatic exercises as well as tantric and yogic practices to awaken your natural potency. We use breath, sound and movement to embody a way of being, in which your breath becomes open, voice shameless and body movements free. To express whatever is present in the moment. It awakens your capacity to receive more Life Force. The energy that wants to express through you.

Juicy Vinyasa Yoga Flow. We flow through this powerful yoga session with ease and grace. We learn a beautiful sequence through repetition, to explore our strength and flexibility. We awaken our vitality focusing on the breath and pleasure of movements. Watery approach allows us to drop the goal, even if the sequence is inviting towards a peak pose at the end. It’s the journey that matters. This session is for everyone who wishes to feel joy in the body again.

Ashtanga Mysore/ Own practice (by Agni Chandra) it is your individual meeting with the teacher who will give you the space and assistance to go deeper in understanding your needs. Teacher observes your practice, gives advice and assessments if needed. You can join Mysore classes at any level. It’s also the best way to start your Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga journey.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga which can be translated as “eight limbs yoga”. The third limb are yoga poses (asanas) arranged in a fixed dynamic sequence. The most important aspect of asanas practice is to combine deep breathing with the movement (vinyasa), holding bandhas (energetic locks) and drishti (focused gaze).


Agni Way Lagos Yoga Shala: testimony

Anna: "She's surely the best teacher that I have ever had. Her presence is comforting to the point that you feel fully open to just let your body guide you with no fear nor hesitation. She's taught me that yoga is about letting it be yet not settling. Beautiful experience to participate in her classes."

Agni Way Lagos Yoga Shala: testimony

Karolina: "Full of passion and big heart! So happy when i am a part of her beautiful circle and impressed by the progress of each person. Here is where magic happens!"

Agni Way Lagos Yoga Shala: testimony

Ola: "A truly inspiring teacher, extremely attentive, dedicated, knowledgeable and genuine. I feel really safe under her guidance, each time feeling encouraged to try out new things I thought were way out of my reach. I absolutely love classes, peaceful vibe, clear instructions & personal approach."

All classes take place in my yoga shala in Lagos (Algarve).