drop-in: 15 EUR* / class

4-9 classes: 10 EUR / class

10 classes and more: 8 EUR / class

Community lunch: donation starting from 5 EUR

Morning meditation and Mindfulness class by donation

All classes are in English.

Please arrive at 9:15 latest for Mysore class.

Yoga mats and props are provided FOR FREE.

* if you are local coming for the first time or low budget traveler, you can ask for discount. We are open for everybody! 

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga which can be translated as “eight limbs yoga”. The third limb are yoga poses (asanas) arranged in a fixed dynamic sequence. The most important aspect of asanas practice is to combine deep breathing with the movement (vinyasa), holding bandhas (energetic locks) and drishti (focused gaze).

Meditation/Pranayama (by Agni) there is no better way to start your day. Come, sit and go inside you for a moment. Connect with your breath, and by that with your Inner Self, to feel whatever need to be felt. Even if you never meditated before, or if you think you don’t know how to do that, those simple technics will make you feel home with yourself again. 30 min everyday will create a habit, maybe the most important in your life. By donation.

Ashtanga Mysore/ Own practice (by Agni) it is your individual meeting with the teacher who will give you the space and assistance to go deeper in understanding your needs. Teacher observes your practice, gives advice and assessments if needed. You can join Mysore classes at any level. It’s also the best way to start your Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga journey.

Vinyasa (by Agni) is a dynamic yoga form based on breath. It is cultivating both straight and flexibility. Fluent transition from one asana to next one makes the sequence rather energetic but also with enough time for resting and focusing on your inner breath flow.

Gentle Flow (by Agni or Kaja). Gentle, slow, non-strenuous flows for everyone are created to feel more grounded in your body and lifted in your mind. Each motion comes with a breath, postures are easy and deep at the same time. You can change them according to your own needs. This mindful class is like self-massage, gentle stretch and building strength especially for the muscles around the spine, to help you to feel relaxed, open and peaceful. Beginners are more than welcome!

Tantra Yoga (by Cony) In this practice, slow and subtle movements are used to go from one position to another, in which it is necessary to maintain a prudential time, breathing deeply and calmly. Balancing our Lunar (Feminine) and Solar (Masculine) energies through Sun Salutations, Pranayamas and Asanas. Generally, the complete series of Tantra Yoga is followed by an interval of meditations to bring you to a serene mental state.

Yin Yoga (by Kaja) through passive long held poses, we get into our deeper connective tissues, joints and allow deep emotional held memories to be released. The meridians running through our body are stimulated. Yin Yoga makes a good complement to more active practices (e.g. surfing) and is an excellent antidote to stress.

Mindfulness (by Pawel) each class will help to explore various practices of paying attention to our experience. We will focus on seeing, hearing, imagination, movement, feeling. The main goal is to be present and accepting of whatever arises in our field of consciousness.

Igniting Inner Fire tantric practice (by Agni) is a beautiful and powerful way to wake up our sexual energy – the most important and vibrant source in us – our capacity to create a life of fully expressed abundance. The purpose of this practice is to bring your awareness and wake up energy in our pelvic area and to spread it all over the body. To do so, we will combine meditation with visualization, deep breathing and sound making, extremely pleasant vibrant movement, energetically dance, fully aware relax in connection with the Earth and self loving touch. Finally this practice will not only awaken your sexual, creative energy, but also reconnect you to your body and take for a deep inner journey to self-love. Price: 20 EUR.


Agni Way Lagos Yoga Shala: testimony

Anna: "She's surely the best teacher that I have ever had. Her presence is comforting to the point that you feel fully open to just let your body guide you with no fear nor hesitation. She's taught me that yoga is about letting it be yet not settling. Beautiful experience to participate in her classes."

Agni Way Lagos Yoga Shala: testimony

Karolina: "Full of passion and big heart! So happy when i am a part of her beautiful circle and impressed by the progress of each person. Here is where magic happens!"

Agni Way Lagos Yoga Shala: testimony

Ola: "A truly inspiring teacher, extremely attentive, dedicated, knowledgeable and genuine. I feel really safe under her guidance, each time feeling encouraged to try out new things I thought were way out of my reach. I absolutely love classes, peaceful vibe, clear instructions & personal approach."

All classes take place in my yoga shala in Lagos (Algarve).