Daily Yoga classes in Lagos following Eight Limbs Yoga philosophy. Ashtanga and Vinyasa style. Small groups.  Focus on conscious energetic and tantric work.

drop-in: 15 EUR* / class
4-9 classes: 10 EUR / class
10 classes and more: 8 EUR / class
All classes are in English.
Please arrive at 9:15 latest for Mysore class.

Yoga mats and props are provided FOR FREE.

* if you are local coming for the first time or low budget traveler, you can ask for discount. We are open for everybody!

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga which can be translated as “eight limbs yoga”. The third limb are yoga poses (asanas) arranged in a fixed dynamic sequence. The most important aspect of asanas practice is to combine deep breathing with the movement (vinyasa), holding bandhas (energetic locks) and drishti (focused gaze).

Tantric Breathing & meditation  (by Agni Chandra) there is no better way to start your day. Come, sit and go inside you for a moment. Connect with your breath, and by that with your Inner Self, to feel whatever need to be felt. Even if you never meditated before, or if you think you don’t know how to do that, those simple technics will make you feel home with yourself again. 30 min everyday will create a habit, maybe the most important in your life. By donation.

OrganiCurrent (by Agni Chandra) is a tantric methodology that allows you to effortlessly manage life force energy in your body. Life force, also called kundalini shakti, is the energy of creation that everything is made of. If it’s in the state of flow, we feel at ease, joyful and alive, magnetically attracting what is best for us. To “manage it” means to create the circumstances for that flow to arise. It means to allow the obstacles in our physical, mental and emotional body to organically melt. This is also what we can call “healing”. OrganiCurrent shows how to do it through conscious breath, sound and movements. Classes are  combination of ancient tantric practices and modern nervous system regulating somatic movements. This methodology was created also through direct experience. Observation of how the life force moves when it’s activated. By “reverse engineering” – that is repeating these natural, organic impulses from the body, we recreate perfect circumstances for her to flow freely again.

Ashtanga Mysore/ Own practice (by Agni Chandra) it is your individual meeting with the teacher who will give you the space and assistance to go deeper in understanding your needs. Teacher observes your practice, gives advice and assessments if needed. You can join Mysore classes at any level. It’s also the best way to start your Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga journey.

Vinyasa (by Agni Chandra) is a dynamic yoga form based on breath. It is cultivating both straight and flexibility. Fluent transition from one asana to next one makes the sequence rather energetic but also with enough time for resting and focusing on your inner breath flow.


Agni Way Lagos Yoga Shala: testimony

Anna: "She's surely the best teacher that I have ever had. Her presence is comforting to the point that you feel fully open to just let your body guide you with no fear nor hesitation. She's taught me that yoga is about letting it be yet not settling. Beautiful experience to participate in her classes."

Agni Way Lagos Yoga Shala: testimony

Karolina: "Full of passion and big heart! So happy when i am a part of her beautiful circle and impressed by the progress of each person. Here is where magic happens!"

Agni Way Lagos Yoga Shala: testimony

Ola: "A truly inspiring teacher, extremely attentive, dedicated, knowledgeable and genuine. I feel really safe under her guidance, each time feeling encouraged to try out new things I thought were way out of my reach. I absolutely love classes, peaceful vibe, clear instructions & personal approach."

All classes take place in my yoga shala in Lagos (Algarve).