Tantric massage offered by Agni Chandra in Lagos. Experience the energetic body through the physical tissue. Reserved for people with spiritual awareness.

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Agni Touch

This unique signature tantric massage is a combination of different techniques and bodyworks. It’s close and intimate, performed on the floor using various body parts and in constant energetic flow. Deeply therapeutic, healing and very pleasant. It moves the life force energy from first and second chakra up to the head, unblocking obstacles on the way. This beautiful bodywork truly helps to reconnect with your inner self. Ceremony includes setting the intention, purifying the energetic body and genuine conversation. This offering is dedicated to women or spiritually mature men only. In booking email, please include your intention for this work. Complete meeting takes 3-3.5h talk + bodywork with an exchange of 199 EUR. 


Back Release

Very deep, muscle and fascia massage of the back: from sacrum up to neck, including shoulders, hands and legs. Using an unique approach of applying also the body weight and using different body parts, to deepen the massage. It will help you to release physical and emotional tension. Complete meeting takes 120min talk + bodywork with an exchange of 111 EUR.


Head Release

Deeply relaxing massage of the upper body parts: neck, back of the head and face, ending with an orgasmistic massage of the ears. Targeting both muscles and facia. Deep, focusing on major energetic points located in this area of the body. Complete meeting takes 90min talk + bodywork with an exchange of 77 EUR.  


Cristal Yoni Massage 

This amazingly deep offering includes whole body massage that prepares you for profound rediscovery of your Yoni potentiality. During the sessions I use all the tools gathered during the years of working with energy through the physical body, which are: intention, pure presence, conscious breath, manual touch as well as crystals: carnelian egg, selenite smooth stone, rose quartz and black obsidian wands. This work is based on dearmouring, which means to melt frozen emotions from your body, especially womb space. Such places of numbness or pain stored in your yoni are amazingly powerful energy resources that can be released for the great benefit. This work requires courage as working with black obsidian wand can bring trauma into the surface, with memories and visions, not only from this lifetime. The mission of this work is to facilitate the journey through the numbness, into pain to release the immense potentiality of pleasure, which is our true nature. Complete meeting takes 3-3.5h talk + bodywork with an exchange of 222 EUR.  


If you feel you need such work but can’t afford it at the moment, feel free to contact me and ask for support.


Agni Way Lagos Yoga Shala: Freya testimony

"Agni Massage took me to other states of pleasure and relaxation. Although small in size Agni has strength to go deep into tensed muscles giving relief of stress and pain. Surprising body to body strokes gave me additional sensory stimulae. Agni's presence and tender care made me feel safe to open up."

Freya, Tantra teacher

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"I had the absolute privilege of receiving massage from Agni recently, while visiting Lagos from Ireland. Agni's energy is so grounded and uplifting, her heart so open, her spirit so generous, that I left feeling not just energised and 're-aligned', but like I had been offered a glimpse of the healing arts at their most profound, through a healing artist at her zenith."

David Donohue

Agni Way Lagos Yoga Shala: testimony

"In the arms of the Angel... If you need head & heart reset - I can only recommend Agni Way massage. This almost 3 hour "trip to heaven" was the most relaxing massage I ever had! It was pure physical and mental pleasure. A true reset of my body & mind. Agni was so soft and delicate but somehow she managed to release my tight muscles. Stress, anxiety and fatigue just disappeared. She made me feel fantastic. Agni you're an Angel! I definitely must repeat it!"


Agni Way Lagos Yoga Shala: massage room

All massages take place in my yoga shala in Lagos (Algarve).