Tantric massages & healing sessions offered by Agni Way Priestesses in Lagos. Our 1:1 offerings are reserved for people with spiritual awareness.

* We do not offer ‘erotic massage‘ service – filling the form where we ask about your background and intention for the session is necessary.

* We do not answer anonymous phone calls and massages requests sent through WhatsApp or other social media channels.

Contact us in advance if you want to inquire about our sessions. We do not welcome visitors requesting spontaneous massages.


I am a Lover of Life, finding deepest pleasure in connection with my own body and the bodies of those, who allow me to touch them deeply. I am Priestess of Eros, reclaiming the innocence of sexuality through reconnection with the tenderness of the heart. I am a humble disciple of Green Tara – Tibetan Deity representing the wisdom of compassion which is my highest aspiration.

For over 7 years I offer unique signature Agni Touch Tantric Massage experience, which can be an amazingly deep and at the same time safe initiation into Tantric path. Being trauma informed space holder I give a lot of time before diving into the bodywork, to really hear where are you at and meet you there with all my compassionate attention. 

I love to give my bodywork sessions mainly to women and spiritually mature men. Nothing brings me more joy than to hold space for others to experience their freedom through the body. To see how the breath opens and the sigh comes out shamelessly. Nothing brings me more joy than to see people thriving again, after reconnecting with themselves. 

I offer:

  • Agni Touch Whole Body Tantric Massage
  • Cristal Yoni Massage for women
  • Back Release Tantric Massage
  • Head Release Tantric Massage
  • Couple Temple Massage Rituals 



Priestess of the Cacao & Sacred Sexuality Temples, passionate explorer of the Mystery Schools & Astrology. Well-rooted in the extensive therapeutic & psycho-sexological background and my loving relationship with Nature.
Transformative facilitator – Creatrix of Wild Devotion.

In order to meet you, your needs & intensions on the heart, soul, body & mind levels – I combine the Tantric, Temple Arts and Shamanic practices with the sexual healing techniques as well as the tools coming from the trauma-informed therapy background (I am a certified Somatic Experiencing and NARM practitioner & psycho-sexologist).

When offering my sacred temple healing and tantric massages, I lovingly hold space for the multidimensional portals of energy transformation, happening during and after the sessions, rituals as well as my group offerings. Diving deep through the body into the profound currents of raw, pleasurable aliveness, our wild & unapologetic essence and the soul landing is what I support heartfully on my passionate path of service. Within the spaces which I hold, I truly invite you to rest in yourself.
Combining the skills from the Tantric and holistic therapeutic paths, I offer transformative session for individuals and couples, hold workshops and ceremonies in Portugal, Poland & Malta.

I am a certified Tantric Massage Practitioner in the Paths of Transformation school of John Hawken & Freya Wolna. Among others, I also completed the Holistic Massage Training and 3-modules Mystery School in the House of Tantra (Poland); Sexual Healing and De-Armouring The Gaia Method DEBST training with Susanne Roursgaard (Holland).

I accompany in regaining and deepening contact with the Kundalini energy potentialities residing in each Being, as well as in the process of standing in the the full Power.

I offer:

  • Tantric Pelvis, Back & Heart Liberation with Whole Body Kundalini Awakening
  • Yoni, Lingam & Anus Temple Sexual Healing & De-armouring
  • Traditional Tantric Temple Massage Rituals (Kashmiri & Fire Snake)
  • Taoistic Erotic Massage
  • Couple Temple Massage Rituals



Agni Way Lagos Yoga Shala: Freya testimony

"Agni Massage took me to other states of pleasure and relaxation. Although small in size Agni has strength to go deep into tensed muscles giving relief of stress and pain. Surprising body to body strokes gave me additional sensory stimulae. Agni's presence and tender care made me feel safe to open up."

Freya, Tantra teacher

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"I had the absolute privilege of receiving massage from Agni recently, while visiting Lagos from Ireland. Agni's energy is so grounded and uplifting, her heart so open, her spirit so generous, that I left feeling not just energised and 're-aligned', but like I had been offered a glimpse of the healing arts at their most profound, through a healing artist at her zenith."

David Donohue

Agni Way Lagos Yoga Shala: testimony

"In the arms of the Angel... If you need head & heart reset - I can only recommend Agni Way massage. This almost 3 hour "trip to heaven" was the most relaxing massage I ever had! It was pure physical and mental pleasure. A true reset of my body & mind. Agni was so soft and delicate but somehow she managed to release my tight muscles. Stress, anxiety and fatigue just disappeared. She made me feel fantastic. Agni you're an Angel! I definitely must repeat it!"


Credits: shared art photography of Agni&Monika by Ganesha Isis Balunsat (Instagram: @ganeshaisis)


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