About our Tantric Temple

Agni Way Tantric Temple in Lagos (Portugal) is an unique jewel for all spiritual seekers. Some say it’s not easy to find, despite situated 5 minutes walk from old town walls. But once you find it, you will know it was worth looking for.

What makes this place unique is the amazing energy you will feel the moment you enter. Green garden with beautiful plants, large window with a bit of the ocean view, peace and quiet around with singing birds in the trees.

Temple is located in a beautiful Portuguese house filled with home atmosphere. Wooden floor, soft music, many warm light spots, fireplace, green plants inside create the magic, that you can just dive in with pleasure. 

We offer:

Temple Priestesses: Monika Abrazo & Agni Chandra


“But who are you actually?” I was asked recently.

It wasn’t easy to answer. My name is Agni Chandra. Im Agni – « the fire » that shines bright, shining upon those who are approaching me fearlessly. Im Chandra – « the moon » that reflects your qualities, and if you don’t want to see them, I will trigger you by simply being myself. Im cis woman in a body of almost 40 years old. Im a daughter and a sister. Im a life partner in a dharmic relationship.

Im a lover of life, lover of The Nature. Im priestess of Eros, reclaiming the innocence of sexuality. Tantric Yogini practicing her own awakening. Meditator. Green Tara’s humble disciple. Tantric massage artist. Im feminine sexuality activator. Im a Womb Witch gathering other Witches around. Im Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga certified teacher. Contact Improvisation dancer.

Im pranayama and breathwork daily practitioner and guide for others. NVC practitioner. I am my own healer and the alchemist of this reality. I am all that and much much more. Im non of that at the same time. Such a pleasure to be on this path of exploration Self through me.


Priestess of the Cacao & Sacred Sexuality Temples, passionate explorer of the Mystery Schools & Astrology. Well-rooted in the extensive therapeutic & psycho-sexological background and my loving relationship with Nature.
Transformative facilitator – Creatrix of Wild Devotion

In order to meet you, your needs & intensions on the heart, soul, body & mind levels – I combine the Tantric, Temple Arts and Shamanic practices with the sexual healing techniques as well as the tools coming from the trauma-informed therapy background (I am a certified Somatic Experiencing and NARM practitioner & psycho-sexologist).

When offering my sacred temple healing and tantric massages, I lovingly hold space for the multidimensional portals of energy transformation, happening during and after the sessions, rituals as well as my group offerings. Diving deep through the body into the profound currents of raw, pleasurable aliveness, our wild & unapologetic essence and the soul landing is what I support heartfully on my passionate path of service. Within the spaces which I hold, I truly invite you to rest in yourself.
Combining the skills from the Tantric and holistic therapeutic paths, I offer transformative session for individuals and couples, hold workshops and ceremonies in Portugal, Poland & Malta.

I am a certified Tantric Massage Practitioner in the Paths of Transformation school of John Hawken & Freya Wolna. Among others, I also completed the Holistic Massage Training and 3-modules Mystery School in the House of Tantra (Poland); Sexual Healing and De-Armouring The Gaia Method DEBST training with Susanne Roursgaard (Holland).

I accompany in regaining and deepening contact with the Kundalini energy potentialities residing in each Being, as well as in the process of standing in the the full Power.


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