About us

We are a tantric couple and open the doors of our magical space to you. Welcome and feel like home.

yoga tantra lagos algarve breath massage meditation breathwork

Agni Way Shala in Lagos (Portugal) is an unique jewel for all spiritual seekers. Some say it’s not easy to find, despite situated 5 minutes walk from old town walls. But once you find it, you will know it was worth looking for.

What makes this place unique is the amazing energy you will feel the moment you enter. Green garden with beautiful plants, large window with a bit of the ocean view, peace and quiet around with singing birds in the trees.

Shala is located in a beautiful Portuguese house filled with home atmosphere. Wooden floor, soft music, many warm light spots, fireplace, green plants inside create the magic, that you can just dive in with pleasure. 

You can start each day here with an amazing Free Breathing tantric meditation followed by yoga practice. Also, you can take part in many spiritual events we organize. You can meet fantastic open minded people and just spend some time with them on a patio space with beautiful lemon tree and hammock. 

Also, if you like, you can have a delicious home-made vegan lunch with Agni and Pawel, welcoming hosts of this magical place. Just ask for that option.

yoga tantra lagos algarve breath massage meditation breathwork

My name is Agni Chandra. Agni means fire in Sanskrit. Chandra means moon. I’m devoted to Green Tara, the mother of mercy and compassion from Tibetan Buddhism tradition. She guides me and it is her energy that I transmit.

Agni Way Shala is a manifestation of my dream. It is a sacred space of my heart that I open for you with warm invitation. From that depth, I’m here to support your growth. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, my personal path for over a decade now, understood as Eight Limbs Yoga is deeply rooted in tantric tradition. And the way I find it and transmit becomes amazingly powerful tool to manage the energy itself. Tantra as a way towards liberation into our fullness is for me a practice of daily life itself. I do recognize myself as my highest potentiality. And I see you as the Divine Perfection, exactly as you are. So welcome to join my path, rather as a friend that I can support than a student, as there is nothing I can teach you, that is not in your system already. My way is a way of fire, as a light of courage in the darkness. Passionate and transformational. Fire that gently burns and transforms everything that is not the state of pure pleasure of Life. This is where I am now, everyday diving deeper, as the depth of this experience is infinite. Only thing I require to walk with me is your devotion. I’m here for you fully, if you are here for yourself.

Main tools I work with:

* Presence

* GraceFlow meditation

* Pranayama and Breathwork

* Tantric practices to manage the energy

*Ashtanga primary and secondary series

* Contact Improvisation

* Tantric massage

More about my feminine approach to life as a practice you can find here: https://www.justbreathe.pl/new-page


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