Health consultations    90 EUR

In-depth assessment of physical and mental condition with detailed guidance on diet & lifestyle adjustments as well as clear instructions on usage of medicinal plants. This applies both to individuals in good health with some minor complaints as to individuals in diseased stages.

This whole consultation includes the 2 hrs one on one meeting, followed by detailed instructions and explanations that will be send afterwards by email, as well as the possibility to contact Lila for up to 1 month after the consultation through email if you have any questions or need clarifications.

Ayurvedic massage    90 EUR

120-minute-long bliss. Application of warm medicinal oil to the entire body using slow, long and firm strokes. Always adjusted to each individual’s needs… Calms both an overactive mind and nervous system. Gives nourishment, strength and vitality to the body. Helps to regulate and re-establish proper physiological functioning. Rebalances vitiated vata dosha. Leaves you feeling calm, replenished and happy.

In order to book consultation/massage contact Līla directly at: 


whatsapp: +352 621455758 

phone: +351 916147840

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All services are provided at Agni Way Yoga Shala in Lagos

Līla is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Hatha Yoga teacher originally from Luxembourg. Studied Ayurveda at the European Institute of Vedic Studies in Switzerland and both studied and worked at Vinayak Panchakarma Chikitsalaya in Nagpur, India.

Certified Hatha Yoga teacher, she trained mostly with teachers from the natha lineage in India. Certified pre- and post-natal Yoga teacher. As Ayurvedic Practitioner and Therapist she offers health consultations (diet, lifestyle, medicinal plants), ayurvedic massage, education on healthy diet & lifestyle and ayurvedic cooking workshops. She teaches Yoga both privately and in groups. In one on one meetings she uses Yoga therapeutically incorporating her knowledge of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda was born over 5000 years ago in India. A natural and holistic medicine which is as relevant and alive today as it ever was because it understands life as it is – dynamic and ever changing.

Far from being tied to a particular place or a specific time period, the wisdom of Ayurveda can be accessible and applied to anyone, anywhere and anytime!

According to Ayurveda the whole physical Universe is made of the same matter which manifests in different ways (solid, liquid, transforming (heat), moving (gaseous) and space (field)) and in different proportion.

In all living beings this matter is animated and controlled by PRANA, an all-pervading intelligent vital force. Matter and life force (prana) come together to form the TRIDOSHA (vata, pitta, kapha), that regulate the whole metabolic functioning of the body.

At conception every person is presented a very unique moving mosaic, a unique constitution which will determine a homeostasis specific to the individual and which will influence the functioning of body & mind. As we are all unique, we benefit from following a lifestyle and a diet that help to keep our own specific natural rhythms and ways of functioning in harmony.

Ayurveda addresses the individual by adjusting lifestyle (things that one does daily or regularly) and diet, whether it be to maintain health by understanding and respecting one’s own natural functioning, or to regain health by finding and eliminating the root cause of disease.