Private sessions for couples with Agni Chandra and Monika Abrazo in Lagos or online. Tailored to your needs to support your relationship.


If you are in a Relationship and crave for unique experience to deepen the connection with your partner & yourself, to explore the new territories of being in the Body, open to Love, Passion & Pleasure, meeting & celebrating life with another person from the place of greater openness – you can come and allow your Relationship to be supported in entering into another level with the Couple Temple Massage Ritual.

During the ritual, that will be carefully design according to your needs and requests (with a careful attunement to your relational agreements &  openness for exploration) you will have an unforgettable experience of transformative, healing & deeply nourishing massage that will open the flow of love between you. 

Whole body touch honoring you as the divine vessels of love & energy, offered to both of you at the same time will allow to deeply relax and open up into the realms of Eros & Sacred Sexuality.

Complete meeting takes 3-3.5h talk + bodywork with an exchange of 444* EUR (the session is performed by two priestesses of our Temple). Click “Book session” link below to fill the form and wait for confirmation.



This 2 hours or longer tantric date for couples may take you both to the cosmic state of awareness. If you wish to know what the real tantra is, you need to taste it. This experience is designed for tantra practitioners but can be beneficial for beginners who are open for guidance and support on their path of discovery. “Open your eyes and see a person you fell in love with…” If the fire of passion in your relationship diminishes, this journey will make it burn bright again. It will help you to open physical and energetic body to truly meet yourself and your beloved once again. You will rediscover playfulness, joy and expansion through your connection. And learn simple yet powerful tantric practices of how to exchange the energy while making love.  As a possibility, after guided part of the session you can engage into free-flowing intimate contact. This part can be optionally witnessed and supported by my meditative presence.

30min introductory talk
1,5-2h guided session
+ 1h free flow with witnessing (optional)

Exchange: 3-3,5h – 300 EUR, with witnessing – 400 EUR



Tantric Mentoring for couples can be helpful if:

* you struggle with particular issues in your relationship, 

* you feel there is more in depth to be explored by you as a couple, 

* you need guidance and support to see your relation in a new light. 

Bringing tantric perspective helps to transform your karmic relationship, based on healing the patterns that you are carrying from the past into dharmic relationship. Dharmic or tantric relationship sees everything as sacred, exactly as it is, especially your intimate relation with yourself and with the other. Engaging in dharmic way means you walk each other’s home into your divine being. You become partners, friends and lovers who support each other on a spiritual path. You grow and develop consciously using the other as your greatest teacher. Each karmic relationship can be transformed into dharmic one if there is enough devotion and commitment to Love that is beyond personal. 

Session contains genuine sharing and embodiment practices.

Exchange is 100e/1h, session may take up to 3h. 



Energetic Love Making for couples is for more advanced tantric practitioners or those who are familiar with energy waves moving through the body. As well as for all those truly open for this knowledge. Learning these practices will improve and uplift your love making into a deep energy exchange, that may bring high states of awareness with a whole body ecstatic bliss. During the session you will learn about polarities in male and female bodies, special breathing and movement technics to awaken kundalini in your own and your partner’s body and bring her current into higher realms. 

Exchange is 100e/1h, session may take up to 3h.



"We had a wonderful time in your temple and the way you guided us was with so much love and sensitivity. We both felt very safe. Also how you prepared the space we enjoyed a lot! We discovered new preferences and felt invited to be more playful. We also felt inspired from what you said in the beginning about making love with tiny little gestures or taking time for a intense hug in the daily life. So all in all it was a very pleasurable experience for us and we want to thank you so much to gave us this space and open your heart for us!"
"Everything was amazing. We both enjoyed the meditative breathing and playfulness. You are a very joyful and compassionate being. Thank you for all the guidance last night."
"The meditation to move inward was strong and helped us to be present in the moment. The way you used your voice to guide us during this meditation was very helpful. The excercises after were really beautiful and we liked the wheel of consent in particular. We have already started integrating this in our sexual life after by sometimes communicating which intension we have for touching each other. This feels very liberating as you can really touch for your own pleasure or to make the other person enjoy the most possible. The setting after the guided part we enjoyed a lot as well and we really liked the way you were present, holding space but also giving guidance in a very natural way, which was really helpful. We were also very interested in the breathing exercise (I believe it was called straw breathing). This helped a lot to move energy and have the sexual energy move through your whole body. We felt inspired to explore more on this path of energy work. So in total, thank you so much for the beautiful session, we’ve really enjoyed and are very happy that we were able to do this ceremony with you. Also the timing was perfect for us. Hope to have a session again in the future!"

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