Working group is led by Pawel.

About me: I live in Lagos with my partner Agni. I have a lot of interests – most of them I keep to myself, but in case of Non-violent Communication (NVC) I felt I would like to share it with others. Especially meeting together, practicing and sharing our experiences. It gives me feeling of contentment and gratitude that I can somehow contribute to the world that gave me so much. 

I’m just starting my journey into NVC world. Looking forward to learn more with your help!

Non-Violence Communication (NVC) is a method of communication created by Marshall Rosenberg. 

It aspires to increase peace and decrease violence in human relationships by building truly empathic connection with our own self and with others. 

It is based on four components: (1) clear observation, (2) connecting and expressing feelings, (3) connecting and expressing needs, (4) formulating positive requests. 

Despite apparent simplicity, the method reaches deeply into us giving a new perspective on language we use, what we communicate and even how we perceive reality. 

It gives a taste of the world in which we are free, compassionate beings that never hear criticism or judgment, and are unaffected by guilt and obligation. 

Instead, we connect with the heart of the other and, once needs are expressed, we experience deep, liberating joy of giving and receiving. 

During our meetings we will practice various aspects of the method, from empathic listening to practice in pairs. 

Meeting takes place every Tuesday at 18:30-20:00 (Lisbon time).

Link to the zoom meeting (click this when you want to join zoom meeting)

No previous NVC experience is required, yet in such case I recommend to watch YT clip with full workshop to see if it resonates with you:

For resources on NVC check this website:



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