Reiki with drum

Reiki Drum Sound Healing Treatment

This therapy works by drawing the brain waves into a more relaxed and meditative state by means of listening to the beat of the drum. 

The drumming can help people access and release emotional issues, unexpressed feelings and trauma. All of these can form energy blockages in the body, so the physical stimulation of drumming removes blockages. The combination of the calming Reiki energy and the vibrations of the drum can create a powerful yet calming effect. The Reiki drum treatment is always taken with an intention of change and healing, releasing what no longer serves you. The drum session is followed by the traditional reiki treatment.

Price: 50 EUR per one hour treatment 

Reiki Drum Journey 

The Reiki drum journey is a gentle and safe way of accessing the non ordinary reality by taking our brain waves down to a deep trance like meditation. It is a visual and sensory  experience. Although it is powerful, the use of Reiki with the drumming makes it a supportive and healing technique which floods our bodies with the subtle, protective energy.

The drum journey can be used for many purposes and is a safe space that is held by the practitioner for you to gain insight, receive guidance or remove blockages in any areas of your life you may facing. An intention is always set at the start of the journey, or sometimes a journey is taken out of curiosity but is always in alignment with your highest good.

A wonderful and very visual journey which has many healing benefits. The session can be for individuals or groups.

Price: 50 EUR 1hr session individual 

10 EUR per person for group session 

Reiki Drum Mental-Emotional Reprogramming Technique

This technique uses Reiki and drumming whilst reprogramming our thought patterns. During this treatment you will be taken into a deep meditative state by the drum whilst receiving the reiki energy. New positive affirmations will be imprinted into the subconscious mind. The beats of the drum are recoding and changing our limiting beliefs on an mental and emotional level whilst being flooded with Reiki. The drumming will be followed by hands on Reiki for the rest of the session 

Price: 50 EUR 1hr session  

Bookings: directly with Heidi at +447966555432 or

Heidi Miller is a Reiki Master and Reiki Drum Practitioner. For the last 3 years she has been  living and working in The Algarve and her Reiki practise is fully certified and insured. 

Reiki had such a beautiful and profound effect on her life that she wishes to share this healing energy with as many people as possible. Heidi is now incorporating the Reiki Drum alongside her traditional Reiki treatments to bring about deeper healing. The drum is a powerful sound healing tool and together with Reiki can help with releasing trauma, emotional release, illness, limiting beliefs and much more.  Although the beats of the drum have powerful vibrations, the body is flooded with the protective and gentle, healing energy of Reiki.