1:1 Offerings

Private sessions with Agni Chandra in Lagos. Tailored to your needs. Breathwork, yoga and tantra. For individuals and couples.

yoga tantra lagos algarve breath massage meditation breathwork


Breath Guided Journey is 1-1.5h one to one session during which you are allowing everything to be exactly as it is. Through this process of a deep acceptance, your suppressed feelings and emotion can manifest. Stagnation that you may feel can me melted effortlessly. Your guide is your breath, the Spirit that moves through you. Whole process is a gentle way to work on the deepest level with essential emotions. If they are stuck in your system, it does not allow you to move forward. Agni facilitates the process through loving presence. Afterwards she helps to interpret everything that appeared during the session. 


Price: 1.5h / 65 Euro for private session or 600 Euro for 10 sessions.

yoga tantra lagos algarve breath massage meditation breathwork


Igniting Inner Fire (Life Force Activation) practice is a beautiful and powerful way to wake up our sexual energy – the most important and vibrant source in us – our capacity to create a life of fully expressed abundance.

The purpose of this practice is to bring your awareness and wake up energy in our pelvic area and to spread it all over the body. To do so, we will combine meditation with visualization, deep breathing and sound making, extremely pleasant vibrant movement, energetically dance, fully aware relax in connection with the Earth and self loving touch. Finally this practice will not only awaken your sexual, creative energy, but also reconnect you to your body and take for a deep inner journey to self-love

I’m delighted to take you with me on this journey of exploration and expansion. Even after one session you will be amazed at what starts to emerge in your daily life!

Price: 1.5h / 65 Euro for private session

yoga tantra algarve couples date intimacy breath massage meditation

This amazing 2 hours or longer tantric date for couples will take you both to the cosmic state of awareness. If you wish to know what the real tantra is, you need to taste it. This experience is for beginners but also tantra practitioners, who will appreciate some gentle guidance and support on their path. “So, open your eyes and see a person that you fell in love with…” When the fire of passion seems to be lower than at the beginning of your relationship, this journey will make it burn bright again. It will help you to open your physical and energetic body to Truly Meet yourself and your beloved one again. You will discover and learn simple yet powerful tantric practices of how to exchange the energy while making love. And you will start making love with a simple hug and eye gaze. As when the true connection is there, everything starts to emanate with love. As a possibility, after guided part of the session you can engage into free flowing intimate contact. This part can be optionally witnessed and supported by my meditative presence.

Price bracket: 2-3h, 120-180 Euro


You can chose individual online or ‘real life’ Yoga Practice with price adapted to your financial condition.

1.5h Yoga Experience designed for YOU:

  • 10-15 min interview, during which you choose the best option for yourself
  • session will start with short, guided mediation to stay present and focus during asana practice
  • 1h yoga (asana) practice 1:1 with a teacher showing you the postures but also observing and guiding your practice, advising what to improve to make it more beneficial
  • beautiful guided relaxation
  • short pranayama (breathing exercise) to finish with

You can choose a subject of your class, for example:

  • introduction to yoga practice for beginners
  • gentle, meditative flow to relax whole body
  • physiotherapeutic gentle flow to release the tension from the lower back
  • yoga flow for different parts of the body: to help lengthen the hamstrings, open hips, deepen mobility in the shoulders, opening the chest, etc.
  • yoga flow to prepare the body for different peak poses, like backbends, head/handstand, split, crow pose, etc.
  • really intense yoga vinyasa flow to feel the inner fire.
Price: 1.5h / 50 Euro for private session.
yoga tantra lagos algarve breath massage meditation breathwork

All offerings are available in person or online. PM for details: this.is.agniway@gmail.com

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