My yoga journey

Agni Way Lagos Yoga Shala: Agni

I am a certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher. I practice yoga with passion for over 12 years. I have completed a year-long course of contact improvisation in Berlin and many workshops with world-renowned teachers who opened my eyes to other systems of deep body work (Body Mind Centering, Axis Syllabus, Feldenkrais). Through those experiences, I understood how fundamental physical touch is. This inspired me to create a unique signature ‘Agni Touch’ massage treatments. Through a conscious, warm touch, I talk to the body that trusts me and opens to the strength far greater than myself. I use tantric, soft bioenergetic and thai massage techniques, combining them into an intuitive wholeness. I’m constantly looking for a smooth flow, softness and pleasure resulting from inner strength. My motto is “To be soft and strong, and just let it flow”. I’ve just moved to Lagos, on the south cost of Portugal, where the ocean and nature are the best expression of those values.

I invite you to my home yoga shala in Lagos for a shared practice to discover this powerful way of work with the bodymind. If you can’t afford full prices, contact me and we will find a solution, because everyone is welcome!

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