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Agni Way villa in Portugal opens for guests ♥

I invite you for yoga and massage restoration of the body and soul to a beautiful city of Lagos on Portugal south coast (Algarve region).

Attractions of the stay:
• Accommodation in a charming two persons room in Agni Way villa with a beautiful view of the charming inside patio with fruit trees
• Vegan or vegetarian meals including home-made rye bread and healing infusions.
• Twice daily private yoga practice or in a small group of students. Practice will be held in a home yoga shala with an ocean and garden view. Gentle morning practice with pranayama and meditation for beginners or anyone aiming to strengthen the spine, and afternoon dynamic class
• Holistic ‘Agni Touch’ massage with 20% discount: .
• For those venturing deeper into yoga and self-development: kriya purification practices (nauli, neti, kapalabhati), introduction to Wim Hoff method and cold adaptation, Pranayamas – introductory techniques and Nadi Shodhana practice, discussions on eight-limb Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice.

The program of the stay is agreed upon consultation. During the retreat there is maximum TWO GUESTS.

Outside the house: cycling trips (bikes will be available), rest in one of the most beautiful beach areas in Portugal, warm and sunny weather, local attractions such as Fado concerts, ocean boat tours (e.g. swimming with dolphins or caves exploration), wonderful bars and restaurants with fresh seafood for those looking beyond vegan meals.

When? You choose a date!
You can book maximum one week stay from September 2019. Of course, you can book the stay for shorter period, but not shorter than three nights

How much?
Single person 90 euro/night
Couple 80/ euro/ person/night
Price includes accommodation, meals and yoga practices (twice daily) and spontaneous trips.

• I can host maximum TWO guests. There is one room with double or two single beds. In general, the stay is not for children. If you want to come with your child, please contact me first.
• If you cancel meals or yoga class – price doesn’t change.
• Massage are paid extra according to prices a set on Agni Way facebook page, with extra 20% discount
• Travel must be arranged in own capability. Available options: arrival by plane in Lisbon + bus/train to Lagos (4h) or arrival by plane in Faro and bus/train to Lagos (1h).
• Place is guaranteed after deposit payment 90 or 80 euro to an account detailed in a reservation form.

Questions and bookings:

Testimonial: “I spent a few April days at Agni. I received everything I needed and much more at her home.
Beautiful friendly, fragrant house and lemons. And a more beautiful area. I practiced yoga, ate a delicious home-made vegan food, I lay in a tub of oils and gave myself to massages and contemplation.
In the home of Agni, I found shelter for my body, my soul and something difficult to name. Inspirational place. I’m gonna return there for sure” Paweł Tomaszewski

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Namaste ♥

This Workshop is an invitation for all women who want to discover their original feminine essence and experience their unique sensuality through cosmic oriental dance, deep breathing, heart and Yoni connecting meditations as well as tao tantric and yogic practices.

Yoni is the sacred Sanskrit word for vagina and means “source” or “sacred space”.

When a woman comes home to herself and is anchored in her womb space, she is able to experience a deep feeling of belonging, groundedness and sexual aliveness. In her reclaimed soft as well as fierce femininity she comprehends herself as part of nature and regains her inner knowing why she came here.

The host is Sabrina Abhai Joti who is an Embodied Femininity Coach, Intuitive Guide and Yoni Mystic. She aids women in coming back home to their unique sensuality, cyclical nature, inner wild wise woman and wisdom in their womb to savor their life in a blissful and free way without any limitations or shame.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact me for further information via my e-mail address If you own a Yoni Egg, you are welcome to join the workshop with the inserted egg. However, no previous knowledge is required to participate. All the practices are done with your clothes on, nakedness is not a part of this workshop.

Please bring an altar object (crystal, jewelery, etc…) and come in comfortable clothes you are able to move freely in. You are also welcome to highlight your feminine beauty.

The price is 20 €.

Time: 2-4:30 PM

FB event:

Visit me also on my website Looking so much forward to meeting you there!

With love, Sabrina


Welcome to this new offering in Algarve.


“INNER DANCE is somehow the most accurate coinage to describe the mysterious movement of energy that brings people to blissful states of insight and surrender. The Inner Dance process peels away the layers of limitation, mask after mask, skin upon skin, fear by fear. We then see what is beneath all the systems of thought that covers up the actual consciousness of our heart”.

INNER DANCE is a modality and energetic school that dives deep into the trance process of the INNER movement, the movement within, the dance within, between the different aspects and layers of the Self and the various states and levels of consciousness.


Through an INNER DANCE journey, you will be guided into a trance state where the guards/defense of the mind and the ego relax & drop while the intelligence of the body and the wisdom of the heart rise and take over. This heightened state of awareness allows the hidden (subconscious) patterns, beliefs, emotions and energies to be observed, revealed then witnessed from a new perspective, a perspective that emanates from the Innate Wisdom and Truth through deep insights and realisations.

You will be guided to simply Allow the process and Trust the flow of energies and feelings through your bodies, emotions and states of being to carry you to the depth of this Journey all through a specific music tracks and rhythms (based on Brainwave technology), as well as the live healing sounds and frequencies of the sacred tribal musical instruments.


WHAT TO BRING: An open heart willing to Trust.


(there is always 1 place for someone who doesn’t have the capacity to give any exchange, please PM me or Agni to avail it)

Time: 2:30-4:30 PM

FB link:

Lamiyah has been in the spiritual journey of Healing, Remembering, Awakening and tapping into different realms and dimensions of consciousness for many years.

Following the spiritual/heart calls for healing , learning and evolving ,she traveled to many lands/countries where the journeys and the encounters have enriched and refined her spiritual growth and practice.

Journeys and spiritual experiences in India, Nepal, Bali, Dubai, Brazil & Peru have brought a great openness in the path of healing, alignment, and deep spiritual insights and realisations.

Lamiyah is also a Crystal Guardian and Activator, Grid Worker , Energy and Crystal healer ,and a certified practitioner of several healing modalities (Pranic healing, Reiki, Theta Healing, Hypnotherapy, Astral Travel & Remote Viewing, Sound Healing & Inner Dance) but a believer that only LOVE can bring the Ultimate healing to Humanity.

During the last few years, her deep inclination, practice and sharing of art, dance & movement, sound therapy, crystal healing, spiritual pilgrimage and shamanic journeys have opened new horizons for more sharing and more self-work and discovery yet to be unfold..

A day to explore your personal way of breathing through 2 Transformational Breathwork sessions. A day to bring an intention: what to release? What new wants to be called in? A day to integrate whatever steps your are making on your personal path of healing. And a day to connect deeply to what is dreaming inside of you.

This 1 DAY INTENSIVE includes::

2 transformational breathwork sessions
integrative sharing circles
voice practices
vegetarian lunch
max 8 participants

energy exchange: 75 EUR

Time: 10 AM – 4 PM

Please reserve your place asap as spaces are limited through website/phone/email :



Phone/whatsapp: +351-939767950

Read here FAQ & regarding contra indications breathwork:

Transformational Breath® is a self-empowering healing process that creates great transformation in one’s life. This dynamically powerful technique connects the inhalation and the exhalation of the breath cycle to create a high vibrational energy force in the body. Transformational Breath uses specific bodywork (bodymapping) and vocal toning to help release energy blocks and create more space in the body. The three levels of Transformational Breath allow us to breathe better, have more energy, feel more peaceful and loving, and ultimately attain higher levels of consciousness.

THE FACILLITATORS of Breath∞Sound Daniela and Hanuman have been deeply involved in inner growth work over the past 15 years. Their personal path of healing started with a breathwork session. Since that first, profound experience they both fell in love with the undeniable wisdom of the body.They felt called to study Transformational Breath and started guiding groups in the Netherlands. In the following 10 years they intensively engaged with different body-related therapies like Rebalancing bodywork® , tantric teachings and vocal bodywork. Simultaneously they immersed themselves in the teachings of many different medicine plants and their spiritual lessons.

Workshop in Ayurvedic cooking

What are the principles of ayurvedic cooking.
Spices and herbs in cooking: how to use them and what are they good for. Making ghee & taking a little jar home.  We will prepare several recipes together and then share a tasty, healthy and organic meal.
The meal will be vegetarian!

Time: 10 AM-1 PM

FB link:

Energy balance: 32 EUR – this includes everything
I hold the workshop with 4-6 participants!

If you would like to participate and BOOK A PLACE in this WORKSHOP please CONTACT ME either through messenger, email or whatsapp.

Lila Vero Michely
+352 621455758 (whatsapp)
+351 916147840

About Ayurveda:

Ayurveda was born over 5000 years ago in India. A natural and holistic medicine which is as relevant and alive today as it ever was because it understands life as it is – dynamic and ever changing.
Far from being tied to a particular place or a specific time period, the wisdom of Ayurveda can be accessible and applied to anyone, anywhere and anytime!

According to Ayurveda the whole physical Universe is made of the same matter which manifests in different ways (solid, liquid, transforming (heat), moving (gaseous) and space (field)) and in different proportion.

In all living beings this matter is animated and controlled by PRANA, an all-pervading intelligent vital force. Matter and life force (prana) come together to form the TRIDOSHA (vata, pitta, kapha), that regulate the whole metabolic functioning of the body.

At conception every person is presented a very unique moving mosaic, a unique constitution which will determine a homeostasis specific to the individual and which will influence the functioning of body & mind. As we are all unique, we benefit from following a lifestyle and a diet that help to keep our own specific natural rhythms and ways of functioning in harmony.
Ayurveda addresses the individual by adjusting lifestyle (things that one does daily or regularly) and diet, whether it be to maintain health by understanding and respecting one’s own natural functioning, or to regain health by finding and eliminating the root cause of disease.

About Lila
Līla is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Hatha Yoga teacher originally from Luxembourg. Studied Ayurveda at the European Institute of Vedic Studies in Switzerland and both studied and worked at Vinayak Panchakarma Chikitsalaya in Nagpur, India. She offers health consultations (diet, lifestyle, medicinal plants), ayurvedic massage, education on healthy diet & lifestyle and ayurvedic cooking workshops. In one on one meetings she uses Yoga therapeutically incorporating her knowledge of Ayurveda . She lived both in India and Nepal for three and a half years. In the summer of 2018 she arrived as a traveller in Aljezur and just stayed.

Some of the work of Somatic Sexology can be to explore the nature of our peak sexual experiences, our fantasies and what is called our Core Erotic Theme (CET). Our CET is a personal pattern of interest and arousal that gives insight into ourselves: What “makes us tick”? What do we need/desire in our eros? How might we proceed in our erotic development with more passion, compassion, curiosity, awareness and intention based on the themes we uncover?

For this gathering, we will explore together in the knowledge that being seen in our flesh while sharing through story our Peak Erotic Experiences and fantasies holds many opportunities for healing, freedom, insight and mirrored compassionate witness. Let us come together to bravely shed our protective physical and emotional layers, to share our experiences and imaginations and to learn from each other’s courage and insights.


The nature of our peak sexual experiences and fantasies can be challenging to hold with compassion and “unpack”. Eroticism is a rich and complex part of our humanity and with the intention of venturing deeper into self and communal understanding, it is the practice of Soma Sanctum to hold and inquire about our eros apart from the pathological and neat-and-clean approaches predominant in contemporary psychology. It is important to keep in our minds and hearts that “deep erotic truths do not reveal themselves to judgmental eyes and non accepting hearts”. The ability to more readily recognize our own internal and external judgements and criticisms when they arise also increases our ability to set them aside for the sake of more in depth inquiry, acceptance and growth.

“The Erotic Mind: Unlocking the Inner Sources of Sexual Passion and Fulfillment” by Jack Mornin, Phd (quoted above) is highly recommended as an amazing resource on CET and the nature of eros.

***** NOTES FOR THE EVENT *******

** Participants are required to email before attending to register and answer a few questions.
** Full or partial nudity from one storyteller at a time is NEVER required, but is welcomed, encouraged and may occur at this event. Please be honest and self-aware of your level of resourcefulness to remain in presence and compassionate witness for this.
** No intimate touch between participants will be facilitated during this event.
**Lorie’s presentation and facilitation of the event will be offered in English, but participants are welcomed and encouraged to speak in whatever language feels right in the moment.

**** Schedule ****

17:00- Doors open
17:30- Presentation by Lorie Solis of Soma Sanctum Somatic Sexology on Fantasy, Peak Erotic Experience and Core Erotic Theme
17:45- Sharing Circle
18:00-20:00 Storytelling
20:00- Closing Circle
21:00- Doors Close

FB event:

**** Financial Contribution ****

Soma Sanctum is a not-for-profit endeavor which aims to model economic viability and integrity. It is my intention that access to personal sessions and events is as financially sustainable and as widely inclusive as possible. For more on this and the Community Supported Embodiment Fund please visit:

€10-Consider paying at this level if you: have limited expendable income, have unstable employment but are still able to meet basic needs, have little or no access to savings, have higher debt that requires some sacrifices on needs/wants, have children who you are not able to support much financially

€20-Consider paying at this level if one or more of the following apply: you sometimes stress about meeting basic needs but still regularly achieve them, are able to buy some new items and thrift others, can travel every couple/few years without burden, have some debt but it does not prevent access to basic needs/wants, have grown children who you sometimes support financially in some ways

€30- Consider paying at this level if one or more of the following apply: you are comfortably able to meet your basic needs, own a newer car and/or a home or rent a higher end property, have access to financial savings, have reliable work or do not need to work to meet your needs, can afford to travel every year, have expendable income, have adult children who you regularly support financially

Invest-What-You-Can- Consider this option only if you struggle to meet you basic needs and paying would be a significant hardship.


May we prioritize with our time and resources our personal, collective and ecological healing and evolution. And may we discover access to that healing and evolution in joy as well as pain, celebration as well as grief, laughter as well as tears. Be well, all.



<<< Portuguese>>>

Parte do trabalho da Sexologia Somática pode ser explorar a natureza de nossas melhores experiências sexuais, nossas fantasias e o que é chamado de Tema Erótico Central (TEC). Nossa TEC é um padrão pessoal de interesse e excitação que nos dá uma visão de si mesmo: o que “nos faz funcionar”? O que precisamos / desejamos em nossos eros? Como podemos prosseguir em nosso desenvolvimento erótico com mais paixão, compaixão, curiosidade, consciência e intenção com base nos temas que descobrimos?

Para este encontro, exploraremos juntos o conhecimento de que, sendo vistos em nossa pele, enquanto compartilhamos através da história, nossas experiências e fantasias eróticas oferecem muitas oportunidades de cura, liberdade, discernimento e compaixão. Vamos nos unir bravamente para eliminar nossas camadas físicas e emocionais protetoras, compartilhar nossas experiências e imaginações e aprender com a coragem e as idéias uns dos outros.


A natureza de nossas melhores experiências e fantasias pode ser difícil de manter com compaixão e entender completamente. O erotismo é uma parte rica e complexa de nossa humanidade e, com a intenção de se aventurar mais profundamente na compreensão do eu e da comunidade, é prática do Soma Sanctum manter e indagar sobre nosso eros, além das abordagens patológicas e organizadas predominantemente em psicologia contemporânea. É importante manter em nossas mentes e corações que “verdades eróticas profundas não se revelam a olhos julgadores e a corações que não aceitam”. A capacidade de reconhecer mais prontamente nossos próprios julgamentos e críticas internas e externas quando elas surgem também aumenta nossa capacidade de separá-las em prol de uma investigação, aceitação e crescimento mais aprofundados.

“The Erotic Mind: Unlocking the Inner Sources of Sexual Passion and Fulfillment” de Jack Mornin, Phd (citado acima) é altamente recomendado como um recurso incrível na TEC e na natureza do eros.

***** NOTAS PARA O EVENTO *******

** Os participantes devem enviar um e-mail para antes de participar, para se registrar e responder a algumas perguntas.
** A nudez total ou parcial de um contador de histórias nunca é necessária, mas é bem-vinda, incentivada e pode ocorrer neste evento. Por favor, seja honesto e consciente de seu nível de recursos para permanecer na presença e testemunha compassiva disso.
** Nenhum contato íntimo entre os participantes será facilitado durante este evento.
**A apresentação e facilitação do evento de Lorie será oferecida em inglês, mas os participantes são bem-vindos e incentivados a falar no idioma que achar melhor no momento.


17: 00- Portas abertas
17: 30- Apresentação de Lorie Solis da Soma Sanctum Somatic Sexology sobre Fantasia, Experiência Erótica e Tema Erótico Principal
17: 45- Círculo de Compartilhamento
18: 00-20: 00 Contar histórias
20: 00- Círculo de encerramento
21: 00- Portas fechadas

**** Contribuição financeira ****

Soma Sanctum é um empreendimento sem fins lucrativos que visa modelar a viabilidade e a integridade econômicas. É minha intenção que o acesso a sessões e eventos pessoais seja o mais sustentável financeiramente e o mais abrangente possível. Para mais informações sobre este e o Community Supported Embodiment Fund, visite:

10 € – Considere pagar neste nível se você: possui renda disponível limitada, tem emprego instável, mas ainda é capaz de atender às necessidades básicas, tem pouco ou nenhum acesso à poupança, tem uma dívida mais alta que requer alguns sacrifícios por necessidades / desejos, tem filhos quem você não é capaz de apoiar muito financeiramente

20 € – Considere pagar nesse nível se um ou mais dos seguintes itens se aplicar: às vezes você se preocupa em atender às necessidades básicas, mas ainda as atinge regularmente, pode comprar alguns itens novos e economizar outros, pode viajar a cada par / poucos anos sem ônus , tenha alguma dívida, mas isso não impede o acesso a necessidades / desejos básicos, tenha filhos crescidos que, às vezes, você apóia financeiramente

30 € – Considere pagar neste nível se um ou mais dos seguintes itens se aplicar: você pode confortavelmente atender às suas necessidades básicas, possuir um carro mais novo e / ou uma casa ou alugar um imóvel de última geração, ter acesso a economias financeiras, ter trabalho confiável ou não precisa trabalhar para atender às suas necessidades, pode se dar ao luxo de viajar todos os anos, ter renda disponível, ter filhos adultos aos quais você regularmente apoia financeiramente

“Invista no que você pode” – Considerar essa opção somente se você se esforçar para atender às suas necessidades básicas e pagar seria uma dificuldade significativa.

**************************************************** ****************************************************

Que possamos priorizar com nosso tempo e recursos nossa cura e evolução pessoal, coletiva e ecológica. E que possamos descobrir o acesso a essa cura e evolução na alegria, assim como na dor, na celebração e na tristeza, na risada e nas lágrimas. Fique bem, tudo.

**************************************************** ****************************************************