Agni Way Lagos Yoga Shala: cliffs

Agni Way villa in Portugal opens for guests ♥

I invite you for yoga and massage restoration of the body and soul to a beautiful city of Lagos on Portugal south coast (Algarve region).

Attractions of the stay:
• Accommodation in a charming two persons room in Agni Way villa with a beautiful view of the charming inside patio with fruit trees
• Vegan or vegetarian meals including home-made rye bread and healing infusions.
• Twice daily private yoga practice or in a small group of students. Practice will be held in a home yoga shala with an ocean and garden view. Gentle morning practice with pranayama and meditation for beginners or anyone aiming to strengthen the spine, and afternoon dynamic class
• Holistic ‘Agni Touch’ massage with 20% discount: .
• For those venturing deeper into yoga and self-development: kriya purification practices (nauli, neti, kapalabhati), introduction to Wim Hoff method and cold adaptation, Pranayamas – introductory techniques and Nadi Shodhana practice, discussions on eight-limb Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice.

The program of the stay is agreed upon consultation. During the retreat there is maximum TWO GUESTS.

Outside the house: cycling trips (bikes will be available), rest in one of the most beautiful beach areas in Portugal, warm and sunny weather, local attractions such as Fado concerts, ocean boat tours (e.g. swimming with dolphins or caves exploration), wonderful bars and restaurants with fresh seafood for those looking beyond vegan meals.

When? You choose a date!
You can book maximum one week stay from September 2019. Of course, you can book the stay for shorter period, but not shorter than three nights

How much?
Single person 90 euro/night
Couple 80/ euro/ person/night
Price includes accommodation, meals and yoga practices (twice daily) and spontaneous trips.

• I can host maximum TWO guests. There is one room with double or two single beds. In general, the stay is not for children. If you want to come with your child, please contact me first.
• If you cancel meals or yoga class – price doesn’t change.
• Massage are paid extra according to prices a set on Agni Way facebook page, with extra 20% discount
• Travel must be arranged in own capability. Available options: arrival by plane in Lisbon + bus/train to Lagos (4h) or arrival by plane in Faro and bus/train to Lagos (1h).
• Place is guaranteed after deposit payment 90 or 80 euro to an account detailed in a reservation form.

Questions and bookings:

Testimonial: “I spent a few April days at Agni. I received everything I needed and much more at her home.
Beautiful friendly, fragrant house and lemons. And a more beautiful area. I practiced yoga, ate a delicious home-made vegan food, I lay in a tub of oils and gave myself to massages and contemplation.
In the home of Agni, I found shelter for my body, my soul and something difficult to name. Inspirational place. I’m gonna return there for sure” Paweł Tomaszewski

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Namaste ♥

You are welcome to join lntensive Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga workshop which is the best and the safest way to learn or really deepen the sequence of Primary Series with all the important details.

We start with setting the intention for those few days of the deep and very intensive practice.

We will combine led class and its meditative counted flow and Mysore Style class – intimate meeting with your own practice and a teacher who will adjust you by deepening your asanas and helping to find solution which suits you the best. We will also meet for two knowledge-rich evening workshops:

Friday – evening (17:30-19:00) led ½ Primary Series – let’s meet!

Saturday – morning (8:30-11:00) Meditation/Pranayama & Mysore
Saturday – evening (17:30-19:30) Workshop: Fly High Welcoming the Sun

Sunday – morning (8:30-11:00) Meditation/Pranayama & Mysore
Sunday – evening (17:30-19:30) Deepening Standing Foundations

Monday – morning (8:30-11:00) Meditation/ Pranayama & Mysore followed with breakfast  ☺

This practice is for everyone who wants to learn Primary Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga or to go deeper with understanding the power of the transformational fire that works through it.

It is recommended to complete the whole intensive, but if you wish to participate for a single class or workshop it is possible as well.

FB event:

Whole intensive: 90e (instead of 110e)
Single classes: (Led or Mysore Style) = 15e/ each
Workshops: 25e/ each
*If you have any questions or the price is a problem, please write:, together we find solution.

Booking required through fb or email.
Places are limited to 12 ppl and starts with 5 participants.

Hi, I’m Agni. Founder of Agni Way Yoga Shala in Lagos. I’m Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga daily practitioner and certified teacher. Yoga and bodywork in general are my way to work with my body-mind for over 12 years. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with its fiery approach started a deep journey of transformations in my life. I’ve met a lot of wise teachers, like John Scott, Ty Landrum and Petri Raisanen, but my main guru is the inner wisdom that I will invite you to discover in yourself. Namaste!

Testimonial on Tripadviser: “Just been to a 3 day intensive ashtanga programme with Agni at her shala in Lagos. I can’t recommend Agni enough. She is knowledgeable, friendly, approachable, kind and encouraging. I’ve learnt more in 3 days with her than I have in 2 years practising ashtanga and she has a fantastic warm and welcoming space to do it. I highly recommend Agni to anyone, from beginners looking to drop in and do yoga or to those looking for a place to deepen their practice of ashtanga whilst in Lagos. Highly recommend!”