Breathwork Session – in Person
5:30pm – 9th June, Thursday.
Breathwork is therapeutic breathing to help emotional healing and personal/spiritual growth.
Using deep breathing – breathers have a deep meditative musical journey and experience enable:
– Deep emotional and physical release
– Connection to your inner guiding intelligence
– Heart-opening
– Sense of purpose
– Connection to oneness
– Clarity and peace of mind
What you will need to bring:
-Bottle of water
-Lip balm can be helpful to avoid dry lips
-Pen & paper to write any insights you might have after the breathing
*Matts will be provided.*
Send me an e-mail referring you’d like to register for this event to
Session lasts approximately 2-2.5 hours end to end.
It will start with the creation of a safe space, a quick check in of our emotional and physical states, thorough explanation about how it all works- how could it be helpful, what could happen and how to get unstuck from unfruitful states, ground principles, recap of counter-indications, breathing technique and Q&A.
After everyone’s set cozy, you will be guided to best land in breathing with powerful affirmations, followed by a relaxation meditation and then you will start breathing (I will demonstrate and give instructions at this point again) and the specially curated music set will start.
At the end of the set, you will be brought back to our usual hylotropic (usual day to day) state of being with a gentle meditation.
We will finish with a sharing circle (not mandatory but highly recommended) and integration tips.
Listening to this dynamic music whilst breathworking will trigger you to process and release emotions, connect to your intuitive and creative impulse and improve health and well-being.
FACILITATOR INFO: Kat Freskini, certified Neurodynamic Breathwork and mindfulness facilitator, vipassana meditation practitioner.
My experience allowing the creation of safe spaces propitious to deep inner work based on safety and ability to let go based on personal development techniques, body release techniques, trauma therapy studies, somatic art therapy, life coaching, empathy training, conflict management training, NLP, NVC, inner child trauma healing exercises and other cognitive and somatic techniques. Extensive spiritual development based on Buddhist teachings, several years of long daily vipassana and other meditation techniques and personal explorations via shamanic and tantric practices.
Energy exchange: 30-40
30 unemployed/student/low income
35 normal income
40 abundant
Deposit to confirm your participation: 10
Cancellation policy:
Up to 30 May – get full deposit back
Up to 2nd June – get 50% of your deposit back
Within a week in advance – no deposit back

Do you long for real deep authentic connection with others around you? Would you like to communicate honestly and at the same time live in harmony and peace? Then join this course of 4 evenings!
In this course we discover, explore and experience Non Violent Communication (NVC)/ Compassionate Communication as a philosophy and practical tool to communicate in a way that enhances connection and authenticity.
Every evening we will first start with a 30min. embodiment practice guided by Agni Chandra, to start from a point of self-connection, to feel what is Alive in you at the present moment.
Then we will dive into the theory and practice of NVC, guided by Jessica Ayud Manzano.
– 6th May 17:30-20:30
– 13th May 17:30-20:30
– 10th June 17:30-20:30
– 24th June 17:30- 20:30
Location: Agni Way Shala, Lagos
Minimum 5 participants-max 10 participants
Contribution: 30€ per session
Subscription and more info:, 915803182 (WhatsApp/Telegram)
About the teachers:
Agni Chandra:
Agni means Fire in Sanskrit. Chandra means Moon. I’m a Tantric Yogini devoted to Green Tara, the mother of compassion from Tibetan Buddhism tradition. Tantra as embodied spiritual path unfolded in my life through different teachings. I’ve recognised my destination in my early twenties through Tibetan Buddhism – Karma Kagyu and then Jungdrung Bon lineages. I’ve found my embodied foundations in Contact Improvisation dance and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Thanks to one of my teachers – Ty Landrum, I’ve discovered Tantric roots of this potent Eight Limbs Yoga practice. Later on I’ve deepen my knowledge about Tantra with Peter Littlejohn Cook as well as many other teachers on my path. True revelation for me is to practice daily through the breath, sound and movement – OrganiCurrent, as I call it, to awaken and to manage Kundalini Shakti towards Liberation. My way is a way of fire, as a light of courage in the darkness. Passionate and transformational. Fire that gently burns and transforms everything that is not the state of Pure Pleasure of Life.
Jessica Ayud Manzano:
I am born and raised in the Netherlands, have Spanish parents, and am a proud mother of a Portuguese son. I was a social worker, a project manager, and certified trainer in the Netherlands and have tried to help people in disadvantaged circumstances (I worked with sex workers, victims of human trafficking, refugees, migrants and home-less people). At first, I felt hopeful and passionate to contribute to their well being and to their inclusion in society. But after a few years, I felt mainly frustrated, sad and worn out, as I found that there was so much systematic inequality and that also the help we were giving was most of the times disempowering people (by for example diagnosing and putting labels). When I first encountered NVC in 2013 I felt so exhilarated to have found a language and philosophy that went beyond the labels, beyond the stigmas, and instead focus on the humanity in all of us. And till today NVC is an important part of my daily life. I feel passionate about it, as its a tool to connect with myself and with others which enriches life. And I am happy to share what I have learned so far and practice together.