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Agni Way villa in Portugal opens for guests ♥

I invite you for yoga and massage restoration of the body and soul to a beautiful city of Lagos on Portugal south coast (Algarve region).

Attractions of the stay:
• Accommodation in a charming two persons room in Agni Way villa with a beautiful view of the charming inside patio with fruit trees
• Vegan or vegetarian meals including home-made rye bread and healing infusions.
• Twice daily private yoga practice or in a small group of students. Practice will be held in a home yoga shala with an ocean and garden view. Gentle morning practice with pranayama and meditation for beginners or anyone aiming to strengthen the spine, and afternoon dynamic class
• Holistic ‘Agni Touch’ massage with 20% discount: .
• For those venturing deeper into yoga and self-development: kriya purification practices (nauli, neti, kapalabhati), introduction to Wim Hoff method and cold adaptation, Pranayamas – introductory techniques and Nadi Shodhana practice, discussions on eight-limb Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice.

The program of the stay is agreed upon consultation. During the retreat there is maximum TWO GUESTS.

Outside the house: cycling trips (bikes will be available), rest in one of the most beautiful beach areas in Portugal, warm and sunny weather, local attractions such as Fado concerts, ocean boat tours (e.g. swimming with dolphins or caves exploration), wonderful bars and restaurants with fresh seafood for those looking beyond vegan meals.

When? You choose a date!
You can book maximum one week stay from September 2019. Of course, you can book the stay for shorter period, but not shorter than three nights

How much?
Single person 90 euro/night
Couple 80/ euro/ person/night
Price includes accommodation, meals and yoga practices (twice daily) and spontaneous trips.

• I can host maximum TWO guests. There is one room with double or two single beds. In general, the stay is not for children. If you want to come with your child, please contact me first.
• If you cancel meals or yoga class – price doesn’t change.
• Massage are paid extra according to prices a set on Agni Way facebook page, with extra 20% discount
• Travel must be arranged in own capability. Available options: arrival by plane in Lisbon + bus/train to Lagos (4h) or arrival by plane in Faro and bus/train to Lagos (1h).
• Place is guaranteed after deposit payment 90 or 80 euro to an account detailed in a reservation form.

Questions and bookings:

Testimonial: “I spent a few April days at Agni. I received everything I needed and much more at her home.
Beautiful friendly, fragrant house and lemons. And a more beautiful area. I practiced yoga, ate a delicious home-made vegan food, I lay in a tub of oils and gave myself to massages and contemplation.
In the home of Agni, I found shelter for my body, my soul and something difficult to name. Inspirational place. I’m gonna return there for sure” Paweł Tomaszewski

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Namaste ♥

In this introduction workshop we will explain why you lost the capability to breathe deeply and open like you used to, as a child. How did your personal way of breathing became constricted or shallow? What are the consequences? 

In this workshop you will experience that you can free and restore your breath through the technique of connected breathing. 

Find out how it feels to be truly alive, grounded and present in this Introduction Workshop of Breath∞Sound.


Come and join Breath∞Sound for a truly transformational breathwork session. Breathwork is a dynamic body-mind practice of conscious connected breathing that provides the groundwork for inner transformation and for a deeper connection to your self. Just one session clears deep inner tensions, reduces anxiety and increases life enjoyment.

It simply enables you to run more life force through your system once the contraction has gone.

Please bring a water bottle, comfortable clothing and a towel to the session. Please keep any meals LIGHT before the session.

Energy exchange: 35.- euro
group max 8 Participants

Please reserve your place asap as spaces are limited.
through website/phone/email :

Phone/whatsapp: +351-939767950

For FAQs please read the detailed info below or check out:

Transformational Breath is a self-empowering healing process that creates great transformation in one’s life. This dynamically powerful technique connects the inhalation and the exhalation of the breath cycle to create a high vibrational energy force in the body. Transformational Breath uses specific bodywork (bodymapping) and vocal toning to help release energy blocks and create more space in the body. The three levels of Transformational Breath allow us to breathe better, have more energy, feel more peaceful and loving, and ultimately attain higher levels of consciousness.
What to expect:
In this 3 hour workshop we will tune in as a group what brought you to this session and what wants to be transformed today. After explaining you about the breathing technique (inspired by Transformational Breath®) we will set our intentions individually. The breathwork session itself lasts 1,5 hours and is guided by music and live sound. After the session we will have an integrative sharing circle. Best not to have important appointments right after a session. Enjoy, relax and let your body integrate this new vibrational state!

!!Please bring an intention, a water bottle, comfortable, loose clothing and a small towel to support your head. Mats, blankets and couchons are provided. No substantial food 2 hours before the session.

There are three distinct levels of Transformational Breath. The first (physical) level has to do with opening and clearing restricted breathing patterns, or basically learning how to breathe more effectively and easily. Most people only get a small percentage of air capacity due to closed and restricted breathing patterns. In transformational breathing, we know that the amount of air we can bring into the body is directly related to the amount of good we can accept in life. As we open and expand our breathing, not only do we have more energy and support for the body’s natural healing abilities, we greatly improve our capacity to receive and experience more good. To the degree that the breath is open and flowing, we are in the flow of life. Easterners have known for thousands of years that the life force’s primary means of access into the body is through our breathing.

The second (emotional) level of this breathwork deals with clearing some of the major reasons why we shut down our breathing to begin with. This second level is effective with healing traumas and negativity in the subconscious mind. This includes old unexpressed emotions sometimes called repressions: negative beliefs, old tapes and past memories, all of which are stored on a cellular level. One of the primary ways to keep them “stuffed” in the subconscious is to shut down and control our breathing. We can reverse this by breathing into the closed places and letting go where we hold onto the breath. With this process, we actually bring up the old emotions, thoughts and memories, and by continuing to breathe into them, integrate these repressions into a higher energy form, thereby creating permanent resolution of these suppressed energies.

Once the lower subconscious begins to open and clear, it creates an opening to the higher subconscious, which is the level of soul or our spiritual awareness. This enables us to utilize the third level of Transformational Breath, which is consciously connecting with our higher aspects of conscious reality. Sometimes in level three, people actually have mystical experiences as they become aware of other dimensions and higher aspects of self. All three levels of transformational breathing happen in every session, although how much time we spend in each level will vary depending on our individual specific needs. One thing is for certain: every time we do a transformational breathing session, we become lighter and clearer, and we permanently raise our vibrational frequency.

About the facilitators Breath∞Sound (

Daniela and Hanuman have been deeply involved in inner growth work over the past 15 years. Their personal path of healing started with a breathwork session. Since that first, profound experience they both fell in love with the undenying wisdom of the body. They felt called to study Transformational Breath® and started guiding groups in the Netherlands. In the following 10 years they intensively engaged with different body-related therapies like Rebalancing bodywork®, tantric teachings and vocal bodywork. Simultaneously they immersed themselves in the mysterious teachings of many different medicine plants and their spiritual lessons.
Minder weergeven

Kundalini yoga is an ancient and powerful technology. For thousands of years this science was kept secret and taught only to a selective few, until Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini yoga, started to teach it to the Western World in 1969. Said to be The Mother of All Yoga.

Kundalini yoga provides all the essential tools needed to handle the challenges and stresses of modern life and living. But beyond that it gives us the capacity to truly thrive in any and all circumstances and reach our greatest potential. By balancing the glandular and nervous system, Kundalini yoga improves your health and fitness, boosts your energy, brings your emotions into balance and deeply relaxes the body and mind. Kundalini yoga works very quickly.

It is a dynamic combination of movement, mantra, postures (asanas), breath control, meditation, sound current and relaxation in very specific sequences called Kriyas. The word Kriya actually means completed action. A Kriya or yoga set is much more than the sum of its parts; there is a synergy in these combinations which creates profound effects that involve immediate and lasting effect.

Kundalini Energy is the energy of Consciousness, of Self Awareness. It is our Creative Potential.

Warmly Welcome to this Kundalini yoga workshop!
Please don’t eat 2 hours before class, and wear loose, comfy and warm clothing, plus bring water to stay hydrated.

The set of Kundalini yoga with tuning in, warm ups, kriyas and meditation will be 90 minutes. The last 30 minutes we will relax in Savasana accompanied by special Gong Frequencies as a Sound Healing. (2 hours in total)

Sign up for the class by clicking GOING on this event.

Entry: 15 euros
Pay at the entrance in cash
Warmly Welcome!


~ The Art of Making Love: Being Present ~
A Tantric workshop by Pantra (Kjell Doggen & Madelief de Graaf).


Pantra will be back in the Algarves for a week and they are looking forward to facilitating this workshop at Agni Way in Lagos. Invite your friends, be-loved, lovers, family and everyone else who is interested in taking a step into making LOVE in and with life ♥.

The focus of this workshop is BEING PRESENT. When we are able to be present with attention, deep within our own core, in the now, we are able to experience love making in everything we do. Making Love is often known and referred to as a sexual activity, but this workshop invites you to experiencing love making in connection with yourself, (distant) connection with another, to a simple activity as walking, seeing, or random daily activities. Even doing the dishes could be an experience of Making Love.

During this evening, you will invite, activate and work with sensual energy. When we learn how to let life and sensual energy flow freely from within our core (2nd chakra), we open up the possibilities to experiencing a boost in creativity, having more focus and power to tie loose ends of projects, communicating deeper in an authentic way and opening up even deeper to our own desires, our own passions and experiences in physical and emotional contact with ourselves or another. To experience and enjoy life fully in all its aspects.

This workshop will contain bodywork, touch, dance, movement, meditation, music, massage and creation. You are the one responsible for your own boundaries, for opening up to being touched (both physically, mentally and energetically) by others. We will work with sensual energy, but we do not allow sexual activities during the workshop. Before we start the workshop, we will create a safe space within a circle existing out of all the participants of the workshop, to set clear intentions and respect each individual.

Choose your investment ♥:

* Budget Investment: € 10,- (for everyone who is local and really cannot afford more to attend this workshop).

* Regular Investment: € 15,-

* Together Investment: € 27,50,- if you bring a partner/friend/family member. this ticket gives you a € 2,5,- reduction on the regular Investment.

* Supporting Investment: € 20,- . With this Investment you support us and our projects, in evolving, in sharing our experiences and knowledge and in creating new and more of these gatherings to be shared with the world. With this Investment you also make it possible for us to offer budget Investment options to those who are currently not in such a strong financial flow, so that they are also able to attend this life changing event.

Do you feel like supporting us anyways? Please checkout our GoFundMe project to see how you could be of help ♥:

For this evening we make investments: travel expenses, renting the space, material costs and the preparation time. In addition, we guide these workshops based on love and trust in abundance. In this way we try to make the evening possible for everyone.

Date: Tuesday, 17th of December, 2019
Location: Agni Way, R. Dom Francisco Luís da Gama L40, Lagos.
Time: Walk in from 7.00 pm, workshop starts at 7:15 pm (so please be in time, doors close at 7.15 pm) and ends no later than 9.45 pm.
At 10 p.m. Agni Way needs to be empty again, please leave with respect and in silence to make sure neighbors are not disturbed.

You can sign up for this workshop by sending an email to with the name of the workshop as subject and as message your name and the name of any partner or acquaintance you would like to take with you (feel free to bring anyone from the age of 18; family, friends, partners). Please, also state the investment option you choose. After we have received your e-mail, we will send you a confirmation. You will pay your investment at the beginning of the workshop.

The workshop only takes place with a minimum of 10 participants due to group dynamics and practices.The workshop has a maximum availability of 20 participants.

Tea and water are included in your entrance fee.

Kjell and Madelief together have initiated the co-creation platform Pantra, from which they internationally (mainly in the NL, but also Portugal and other European Countries), facilitate multiple connective and tantric workshops and host men/women/soul circles. In addition, they lead ceremonies (Ecstatic Dance) and Kjell enjoys DJ-ing Ecstatic Dance music and he also practices Reiki healing. Madelief is an illustrator Liefwerk and as a Doula (MamaLeaf) deeply involved with women’s and bodywork and facilitates Womb Support Sessions.

Both have years of experience in coaching, supporting and supervising personal processes and are involved from a young age in their own personal and awareness development. From different holistic teachings they use their own forces, both bundled and separate, to provide safe spaces for others in their consciousness development. They often build on and contribute to conscious communities. Both have years of experience in coaching, supporting and guiding personal processes, both in Tantra and energetic work and Madelief specifically, in Art Therapy (a form of therapy in which the making of Art on paper and with the body is the focus).

To see more about Pantra please visit:

We are very much looking forward to meeting and greeting the portugese tribe again during this beautiful evening ♥

Kjell & Madelief

Dear Friends of Agni Way Shala in Lagos ♥

It will be our first Christmas here in Portugal and we are very happy to spend it with YOU!

Let’s meet for lunch in our beautiful shala in Lagos on Sunday 22nd of Dec at 13.00 to:

*eat healthy vegan food from different countries
*see each other and listen to our winter stories
*sing Christmas carols
*swap winter clothes and things, that we can offer as a Christmas gifts
*exchange our services

Please bring:
*good vibes, smile and some traditions from your country
*one or more vegan dish or cake that you will share with others
*clothes and things that you don’t need anymore
*objects or services that you would like to exchange or sell that can serve as gifts

If you can’t bring any dish, fruits or sweets are also welcome

If you wish to prepare something special or present yourself or your services or other offer, please share in comment below including your website or fb profile 🙂

In case of any questions, please don’t hesitate to write at:

Meeting is for free and everyone is more than welcome with friends & families ♥

Let’s make this day amazing!
Agni & Pawel

lntensive Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice allows to deeply purify our bodies and minds preparing us for 2020. It is also the best way to learn the sequence of Primary Series with all the important details.

We start with settling the intention for this deep and very intensive few days of practice.

We will combine led classes and it’s meditative counted flow with explanation of asanas alignment and Mysore Style class – intimate meeting with your own practice and a teacher who will adjust you by deepening your asanas and helping to find solution which suits you the best.

3.01 – evening (17:30-19:00) led ½ Primary Series

4.01 – morning (8:30-11:00) Pranayama & Mysore Style
evening (17:30-19:00) 2/2 Primary Series

5.01 – morning (8:30-11:00) Pranayama & Mysore Style
evening (17:30-19:00) Asana Aligment Workshop

6.01– morning (8:30-11:00) Pranayama & Mysore Style

This practice is for everyone who already tried Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and know at least first half of Primary Series and want to go deeper with understanding the power of transformational fire that works through it.

It is recommended to do the whole intensive, but if you wish to participate for a single days it is possible as well.

Whole intensive (6 practices) = 80e
Single class = 15e

Booking required:


Hi, I’m Agni. Founder of Agni Way Yoga Shala in Lagos. I’m Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga daily practitioner and certified teacher. Yoga and bodywork in general are my way to work with my body-mind for over 12 years. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with its fiery approach started a deep journey of transformations in my life. I’ve met a lot of wise teachers, like John Scott, Ty Landrum and Petri Raisanen, but my main guru is the inner wisdom that I will invite you to discover in yourself. Namaste!

“I was truly amazed to find a world class ashtanga yoga teacher at Lagos. Agni and her place have a unique vibe, which gave me one of the few breaking through experiences that I had on the classes during my 3-year practice. For me that was a glimpse to what yoga is. Now I often referring back to it in my regular practice. On top of that me and my wife had the best ever massage experience. Agni, I’m really happy that we met in physical world and the space for that was so beautiful. I bow to you and what you offer to the world 🙏” Alex Alpern