Join us for a late afternoon of Authentic Intimate Connection. This will be a non-sexual, clothes on event.
This is the perfect event for you if you would like to meet yourself and others on a deeper heartfelt level.
During Belly2Belly sessions we focus on creating intimacy, emotional openness, & physical bonding in a safe, slow, guided non-sexual way. This simple partnered meditation practice will relax your body, expand your heart, and put your fears to rest.
Dissolving the experience of separateness into meandering waves of sensation shared with a partner in real time. By trusting our bodies and each other, we reclaim our original innocence… and remember we are safe to open to explore the beauty of true connection.
—Who is it for?
Anyone who is longing for an intimate space to feel held.
Anyone with a need or a desire to practice sharing themselves authentically and receiving another with presence.
Anyone who is curious about authentic relating to practice in their current community.
—Who is guiding this workshop?
Jafree and Hari have been in a committed partnership since 2017 and have shared their Tantric workshops together around the world.
Since 1997, Jafree has been a personal manifestation coach, workshop leader, akashic records reader, mind-body healer, world traveler, and spiritual guide. Jafree is a certified practitioner of Belly2Belly since 2016.
To find out more about Jafree, visit his website:
Hari is a Relational Guide, Compassionate Counsellor and Intuitive Healer. She has supported hundreds of people to assist them in moving through trauma and coming home to themselves.
To find out more about Hari, visit her website:
or follow her on instagram: @sacred_flute
— When, where and how much?
Sunday 12th February
Agni Way, Lagos
There is lots of parking available on site, click here for more info:
Cost: 25€ pre-paid OR 35-45€ donation on the day.
—How do I register?
The space is limited so we will reserve spots for the first 12 people who send us early payment. To secure your spot today contact Hari on Telegram or WhatsApp at +447809233023
To keep up to date with all of our offerings, feel free to join our Telegram Channel:
We are so looking forward to sharing this sacred space with you 🙂
Love Hari & Jafree